A Day of Giving



Trying to raise funds on the largest Giving day of the year well, I can help with that with our Giving Tuesday ideas….

With some creative custom designs and specifically selected items that will have an impact on everyday life for those in your surrounding communities. It does not matter what age they are or what income bracket they fall into, on Giving Tuesday everyone wants to participate and everyone is open to making a difference so why not make it easy for them to donate to your cause, to your kids. I can help with that.

Planning and timing is everything along with execution so the time is now to start brainstorming so let’s get together to help people engage with you and your brand. Emotional connection is what gives purpose to the smallest things we do every day I can help you create that relationship.

One case study that I have involves a radiothon for a children’s hospital that wanted to reach out to those that may or may not use their services currently. The response rate was amazing with a custom full color coffee sleeve design that went out with every hot beverage for one week straight during the radiothon. Something so simple and yet had such a strong result it was the perfect fit!

Then once people donated, if it was in person, they received a thank you sticker showing that they cared for their kids in their community. It was the badge of pride for each person that made a contribution.

Coffee Cup Sleeve

Keep your drink hot but your hands comfortable with our cup sleeve that fits 12, 16, 20 & 24 oz. cups! Made from high density 20pt. white board stock front so your message prints beautifully and the back is kraft 100% Recycled stock! Liquid laminated on the front for a high gloss finish with an uncoated back. Perfect for both hot and cold beverages for any food event, festival or sports event & game serving hot chocolate, tea or coffee or cold refreshments. Great way to brand your logo. 10.33″
$0.38 – $0.63
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Die Cut Circle Roll Label (3″ Diameter)

A large selection of popular rectangle sizes with 14 materials to choose. Papers: White high gloss, white matte or yellow high gloss. Recycled paper: 100% post consumer waste uncoated bright white. Fluorescent papers. Foil papers. Styrene. If label is to be typed on, specify white matte. White high gloss paper is used unless otherwise specified. One additional color or clear coat available on Full Color. White is available on styrene & silver foil only. Black printing only on fluorescent papers.
$55.661 – $250.369
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1″ Tyvek Wristband

Features Water proof adhesive – guaranteed to stay on in the water, Secure tamper resistant die cut adhesive tab, Strong, durable, and water resistant DuPont Tyvek, Excellent for short term use; concerts, water parks, school trips, Sequentially numbered for added accountability, 100% recyclable material, Recommended wear-time is 1 to 3 days, Wristbands fit from child to adult size wrists. 1″ W
$0.18 – $0.24
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So let’s set a time to get together and brainstorm asap!

e: stephanie@creativeipromotions.com
p: 708.466.5860

P: 708.466.5860