Where Fashion Meets Function

Apparel is known for its billboard value. Taking the concept and applying it to a handy accessory like a glove made specifically for touchscreen electronics, brings together style and function in a big way.

Apparel is going to start to be designed to integrate with technology it is where we are headed. Technology is everywhere we turn and everyone is using it.

Wonder what you can do with these handy little items. Well first of all you can completely customize them to your pantone colors the glove color, the imprint color and even the fingertip color. Now if that isn’t totally awesome I don’t know what else is. That my friends is branding to its fullest potential.

Who would want these you say? Anyone who has a touchscreen phone and wants to take selfies or photos while outside in the cold. Or perhaps your new car features a touch screen for your radio stations and it is cold while the car needs to warm up. I hate the feel of cold hands touching a cold steering wheel !! Maybe you are out scraping the ice off of your windows and your phone rings or you are shoveling snow or worse stuck on the side of the road. Or maybe the accident you were in requires you to take photos of the scene for insurance purposes never fear your hands will be covered while you are doing this. Or maybe you are like me and you need these exact gloves while you are watching your sons play hockey 5 nights a week and you have to cover every part of your body! I found my answer. I love these gloves.

The branding value alone of these will far exceed the low cost to purchase them. Since they are completely customized they do take a little longer to get but when you do get them it will be like reliving the holidays all over again.



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