Refresh 2020 – What are you planning?

I decided after using the same logo for the last 9 years that it was time for a branding refresh and I’m so glad I did. I am in love with my new colors and logo design. It’s amazing to me how many awesome people there are that can change the look, feel and overall connection to a simple logo. I had 158 designs to choose from, and over 50 designers working diligently to help me achieve those goals and it reignited my love for color, graphics and font styles. I know that sounds really nerdy but its what I do everyday to help evolve “logo’s” into a brand lifestyle. A lifestyle where people want to connect and be a part of your brand and who you are as a company. So I’m starting out with a fresh new approach for the year. If you’d like to be included for some new brand swag send me a note and I’ll be sure to share the love!

Top Gift Trends for 2018

Trend Watch: Gift Season 2018

Ready to see what’s new and what’s hot for the holidays and all those year-end gift occasions? You’ve come to the right place.

Trend Watch: Gift Season 2018

It may be summer, but it’s time to kick off holiday and year-end gift giving.

Don’t panic – you’re in good hands this year. Behind the scenes, we’ve been working hard to bring you the best product mix for every year-end gifting occasion. From killer client gifts, to stellar employee anniversary awards, it’s our job to find you a gift that’s just right for your brand.

In August, we introduced tons of new products and apparel pieces inspired by the latest trends and designs you’ll be seeing online and in stores. So as we charge into the back half of the year, here’s a look at the trends you need to know to make this the best gift season yet.

1. Trend: Scoring Big Points With Retail Brands

Are you looking to make a big splash with your heavy-hitter clients this year? It’s time to consider the extra value that comes with a gift from a well-known retail brand such as Cutter & Buck or Wenger. These established brands offer not only stylish, quality products, but also have a perceived (and well-deserved) value that goes a long way when you’re trying to impress a client and show them how much their business means to your organization. Spending a little more will score some big points. Click on the images for product details. 

CB.jpg  Wenger.jpg

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2. Trend: Adding A Special Touch With Custom Labels

We’ve introduced a select group of apparel styles that allow you to feature your logo or special message on a panel inside the neck or waistline. It’s your brand, all the way down to the label.

This is a big opportunity to add a special touch to your apparel. You can simply add your logo to create a custom collection, or you can use these branding locations for recognizing special occasions and commemorating milestones such as work anniversaries.

Along with Trimark’s low minimum order quantities, creating a custom collection or adding a special message is easier and more affordable than ever. Click on the image for more details.


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3. Trend: Wowing With Tech-Integration

There’s a hot new trend that’s delivering a shot of excitement to traditional promotional products like bags and drinkware. Tech features, like charging ports and Bluetooth speakers are being added to products to increase the fun and deliver more function and convenience. The Zoom Node Wireless Charging Backpack has a zippered side pocket with a built-in wireless charger. Simply throw your phone in the pocket and it will charge while you’re sitting in a meeting or running to make that plane connection.

Taking your tunes on the go with integrated Bluetooth speakers is another key trend. The Soundwave Vacuum Insulated Bottle has a Bluetooth speaker built in to the lid, while the Blare Backpack has a removable speaker that lights up when in use. Click on the images for product details. 



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4. Trend: Retail-Inspired, High-Performance Insulated Drinkware

In retail, high-performance insulated drinkware hotter than ever. From campus to the boardroom – it’s everywhere.

Our most popular tumblers, those with copper vacuum insulation, are home run gifts for any brand. What makes them so universally-loved? First, they perform – keeping beverages hot for up to 12 hours and cold up to 48 hours. Second, they’re practical. They’re meant to be used every day.

The popular Hugo Tumbler is an all-time gift favorite. It’s available at a great price and comes in several sizes and tons of vibrant colors. For something a little different, check out the trendy new Rover Insulated Camp Mug or the Twist Leak Proof Tumbler. Both are retail-inspired and nail the sweet spot between fun and functional. Click on the images for product details. 


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5. Trend: Standing Out With Packaging and Presentation

Someone wise once said that presentation is everything. Retail packaging options and gift sets offer more than a way to recognize a special occasion or important relationship – they’re also an opportunity to showcase your brand in a whole new way.

This couldn’t be easier. You can take your gift to another level by simply adding a gift box to our on-trend copper vacuum insulated drinkware pieces. This quick upgrade turns a great gift into something really memorable. We also have retail-style gift packaging options for blankets and umbrellas, both favorite holiday gifts.

The mighty tote bag is another easy way to add a special touch to a gift.  Use totes – with or without a logo – to package drinkware, stationery or even gifts from other places. For PCNA items, we’ll even do the insertion for free! Our metallic totes are nice festive packages for spreading cheer. Click on the images for product details.


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The Bottom Line

A gift says a lot about your brand and it needs to send the right message. That’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect piece that’s completely you.

A Day of Giving



Trying to raise funds on the largest Giving day of the year well, I can help with that with our Giving Tuesday ideas….

With some creative custom designs and specifically selected items that will have an impact on everyday life for those in your surrounding communities. It does not matter what age they are or what income bracket they fall into, on Giving Tuesday everyone wants to participate and everyone is open to making a difference so why not make it easy for them to donate to your cause, to your kids. I can help with that.

Planning and timing is everything along with execution so the time is now to start brainstorming so let’s get together to help people engage with you and your brand. Emotional connection is what gives purpose to the smallest things we do every day I can help you create that relationship.

One case study that I have involves a radiothon for a children’s hospital that wanted to reach out to those that may or may not use their services currently. The response rate was amazing with a custom full color coffee sleeve design that went out with every hot beverage for one week straight during the radiothon. Something so simple and yet had such a strong result it was the perfect fit!

Then once people donated, if it was in person, they received a thank you sticker showing that they cared for their kids in their community. It was the badge of pride for each person that made a contribution.

Coffee Cup Sleeve

Keep your drink hot but your hands comfortable with our cup sleeve that fits 12, 16, 20 & 24 oz. cups! Made from high density 20pt. white board stock front so your message prints beautifully and the back is kraft 100% Recycled stock! Liquid laminated on the front for a high gloss finish with an uncoated back. Perfect for both hot and cold beverages for any food event, festival or sports event & game serving hot chocolate, tea or coffee or cold refreshments. Great way to brand your logo. 10.33″
$0.38 – $0.63
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Die Cut Circle Roll Label (3″ Diameter)

A large selection of popular rectangle sizes with 14 materials to choose. Papers: White high gloss, white matte or yellow high gloss. Recycled paper: 100% post consumer waste uncoated bright white. Fluorescent papers. Foil papers. Styrene. If label is to be typed on, specify white matte. White high gloss paper is used unless otherwise specified. One additional color or clear coat available on Full Color. White is available on styrene & silver foil only. Black printing only on fluorescent papers.
$55.661 – $250.369
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1″ Tyvek Wristband

Features Water proof adhesive – guaranteed to stay on in the water, Secure tamper resistant die cut adhesive tab, Strong, durable, and water resistant DuPont Tyvek, Excellent for short term use; concerts, water parks, school trips, Sequentially numbered for added accountability, 100% recyclable material, Recommended wear-time is 1 to 3 days, Wristbands fit from child to adult size wrists. 1″ W
$0.18 – $0.24
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So let’s set a time to get together and brainstorm asap!

p: 708.466.5860
P: 708.466.5860



Unfolding the love of a brand in the eyes of a teenager…


It all started last year on our family vacation to Marco Island Florida when the introduction to this pink whale began.  All four of us were hanging out on the beach collecting shells, fishing or just soaking up the sun when my then thirteen year old son started paying more attention to the people around him. I don’t know what sparked this intrigue but he started watching the families, friends and older couples  who just enjoyed being together and were smiling a lot. It then carried over to dinner time when he said to me “Mom, why does everyone have whales on their shirts? In which I replied, I’m not sure but I have a feeling we will find out while we are here.” Being a mother of two boys fashion is not their forte nor mine however, the curiosity about this whale was going to be an interesting pursuit.

And so it began the quest to find the whale apparel. We checked in at the gift shop and they had some pink whale stickers that they gave to my son which made him so happy to be a part of the “whale club”. That seemed to quench his thirst for a while. Fast forward almost an entire year later and he starts pondering our memories at the beach and the many smiling faces he encountered. He hunted for his pink whale sticker and when he found it put it not the back of his phone so every time he looked at it it made him smile.

Being in the branding industry and witnessing the love of a brand right before my very eyes was such an awesome inspiring feeling. Not everyone realizes that in todays world our youth need to feel that emotional connection to the brand and the marketing behind pays for itself tenfold if they are successful at doing it. Well let me just tell you Vineyard Vines has now become a part of our family and here is how they did it.

First, as my son describes the feeling he got when he saw people wearing this whale apparel “people were chill mom, they seemed relaxed and happy”. Ok initial emotional connection was met. Check.

Secondly, a year later is when he found his sticker and then went further to see if they had an Instagram account and boom they did and he was now hooked. He then went as far as coordinating outfits and since we didn’t have a store close enough to us we couldn’t go right away. So we went over spring break to Oak Brook, IL which built the bond even further.   He wasn’t sure of his size and the fit so we wanted to go there in person to try them on. Right before my very eyes it all began. Brad a brand ambassador employee took my son and walked him through outfit options (hat, shorts, shirts, long sleeve t’s etc). If there was something he had coordinated on his phone that wasn’t in the store Brad was searching for him on the website while he tried on the clothes they did have in store. Instantly my son felt special. As a fourteen year old its not always easy for asking what you want, knowing what your budget is and making sure you stuck within it. Brad made him feel at ease and got him exactly what he wanted. So we go to check out and Brad notices his sticker on his phone and asks my son if he would like a few different stickers that had a different design to them. He jumped at the chance and then my husband even came on board asking for some for himself. Brad was more than happy to oblige my son and my husband.  All of his goods are then put in an awesome Vines bag that is fully decorated and my son carried that bag with pride all around the shopping plaza.

He couldn’t wait until we got back to the hotel room only to discover that while he was at the store he didn’t notice the awesome wrapping they did for his items before they put them in the bag. He loved unwrapping them to try them on he was trying to save the tissue because he thought it was cool The tissue really???

Well since not all of the items were in the store we had to have two of them shipped. Sure enough two days later they arrived. Not just in any packaging either but yet again feel good packaging that made him smile when he got it and even a bigger smile when he opened it up. He even read the box. This is not usual behavior for my son he is now a part of this brand. He’s watched the videos, follows the Instagram and has the stickers everywhere he needs a reminder to smile. vineyard vines packaging story

Moral of the story…know your brand, set your emotional connection to your audience, cost of marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, invest in your brand and it will go far. Creating brand ambassadors whether they are a part of your company or your clients will go farther than you think. Don’t make marketing an after sight take the time necessary and track your success. Do you know what his new motto is everyday all of the time #EDSFTG – Every day should feel this good ! Well done Vineyard Vines.

On Trend Tuesday-Tech Style all in 1





In today’s world of complex technology we are stepping up our game.

Have you ever been out and working remotely when your phone runs out of battery? Well this completely custom kit comes with a cool totally unique to you design that we will help create for you and has everything you need. Its got the charging cables for most devices, its got the battery charger and the USB drive to store your info that you always want to have at your fingertips. The best part about it is this, one of a kind design total package with a surefire message that will be gladly opened by all of its recipients. I mean who doesn’t love a cool looking swag box with stuff you use everyday?

So let’s talk about how we can create something amazing for you today….creativeipromotions

Where Fashion Meets Function

Apparel is known for its billboard value. Taking the concept and applying it to a handy accessory like a glove made specifically for touchscreen electronics, brings together style and function in a big way.

Apparel is going to start to be designed to integrate with technology it is where we are headed. Technology is everywhere we turn and everyone is using it.

Wonder what you can do with these handy little items. Well first of all you can completely customize them to your pantone colors the glove color, the imprint color and even the fingertip color. Now if that isn’t totally awesome I don’t know what else is. That my friends is branding to its fullest potential.

Who would want these you say? Anyone who has a touchscreen phone and wants to take selfies or photos while outside in the cold. Or perhaps your new car features a touch screen for your radio stations and it is cold while the car needs to warm up. I hate the feel of cold hands touching a cold steering wheel !! Maybe you are out scraping the ice off of your windows and your phone rings or you are shoveling snow or worse stuck on the side of the road. Or maybe the accident you were in requires you to take photos of the scene for insurance purposes never fear your hands will be covered while you are doing this. Or maybe you are like me and you need these exact gloves while you are watching your sons play hockey 5 nights a week and you have to cover every part of your body! I found my answer. I love these gloves.

The branding value alone of these will far exceed the low cost to purchase them. Since they are completely customized they do take a little longer to get but when you do get them it will be like reliving the holidays all over again.